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Bridesmaid checklist

Sometimes it is hard for bridemaids to knowhow to help you as a bride. Especially when most brides are so organised!

On a wedding morning a bride is asked so many questions and often by the time you getto the morning most brides think " If I haven't though of it I am not worried". You are often sick o making decisions.

We find being there for so many wedding mornings one of the most stressful things for a bride is the number of questions asked. Sometimes it is people just generally interested and don't realise the impaact that has.

We have created TWO checklists that you can print and give to your bridemaids to help you delegte some of the jobs to make your day less stressful.

Pre- Wedding Checklist- Bridesmaid Edition

This checklist is designed for the day prior to your wedding for you all to go through as a bridal party. Let's face it! Often most bridal parties are only all present the day before a wedding.

Pre-wedding day check list Bridesmaid edition
Download PDF • 182KB

Wedding day checklist-Bridesmaid Edition

A wedding morning is stressful enough as a bride so to ensure you have time to relax and have less questions asked of you use this checklist! This wll make sure your bridesmaids know how they can help you!

Wedding day check list Bridesmaid edition
Download PDF • 160KB

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