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Terms and Conditions

The Hair Artist Collective has terms and conditions in place to ensure our timing, safety and more. Please read thoroughly prior to your booking. By agreeing to booking our services you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 


Hair Preparation

On your wedding day please ensure everyone's hair is prepared correctly to ensure the best hold to your styles. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please make sure all people having hair done have a copy of this information;       

  • All long to medium hair lengths having up or down styles have their hair washed the day or night before (shampoo hair twice  then condition)       

  • All guests have hair FULLY dry prior to the morning (unless short hair blow dry)

  • Once hair prepped DO NOT put hair into high bun. Please put into low ponytail and NO head bands.

  • Anyone with wavy or curly hair to blow dry straight or extremely curly hair (looking for smoother styles).

  • You may also roughly iron straight as well if hair is extra curly

  • You can use a heat protectant prior to prepparing hair but do not use any serums or oils

  • If you would like to work with your natrually curly hair please do you normal curly hair method the day prior and have dry hair for styling on the day.

  • Please forward all hair prepperation to all people requiring hair done.

If hair is not prepared according to the terms and conditions extra charges may apply and be invoiced.


We offer Free travel for Toowoomba City. If we are required to travel outside of this area there may be a travel cost involved. Please email for a travel quote if required.

The mobile service is available for bridal parties who have three or more people that require upstyles or pay the cost of 4 upstyles.

If your booking location changes travel fees may incur. If your numbers are reduced and you have paid travel it is non refundable if 3 months notice is not provided due to time allocated for booking.

Studio appointment available for 3 or less people.


When you agree to book the services of The Hair Artist collective you are required to notify your intention to book via email. We will provide you with an invoice and a booking form to complete. You are then required to pay your booking fee/ deposit outlined in the payment section.


It is imperative that you are truthful with information you provide at booking to ensure invoice is correct. If hair length is different or we need to provide further time or product including padding, then a further cost will be involved and will be discussed prior to completion of any service.

You booking time is set by our team at the time of booking to ensure timing. Our stylists often have appointments after wedding booking. If people are late we may charge fees. It is a requirement all people having hair are present at the start time unless organised at the time of booking.


A non refundable or transferrable booking fee $100 per stylist is required to secure your booking.

Your costs will be hair cost, plus booking fee and plus travel for outside Tooowoomba City or Preston Peak.


We do not hold bookings without a booking fee payment.  Please notify us of any payments. by sending receipt of payment via email.

We ask you pay a maximum of two payments for ease of tracking (deposit and final payment OR one complete payment).

We will invoice you the full amount on booking for your records. The full amount is due prior to the wedding or event. Please refer to invoice. You can make payment via credit card, cash prior to the day or direct debit. If any changes to hairstyles o hair length are made there may be extra costs involved so please be honest and clear at the time of booking. These can include but not limited to;

  • Hair length

  • Number of people

  • Use of hair padding

  • Use of clip in extensions

  • Extra hair preparation for long or curly hair

Please note any changes to your booking numbers after the due date of your invoice is at your expense and not refundable. You can remove a person or replace them with another person but you will not be refunded. Any changes must be made prior to your invoice coming due. We turn people away for bookings and you have taken that time and will incur the cost if after the invoice due date.

Hair Trial

It is not compulsory to have a hair trial but is beneficial

We suggest booking your hair trial once you have booked wedding date or at least two months in advance and two months prior to wedding day. Our hair trial appointments are available from Wednesday to Friday. At your trial we do discuss more timing and alternatives to hairstyles for your bridal party.


On a wedding day we will set up at one location. If you have mulitple locations we require to set up there is an extra set up fee. If we have extra administration time required to assist in planning and timing there are costs involved. We can assist in your wedding morning coordination and have many year expereince to provide an extensive planning service on request. We can work with your make-up artist and other vendors to ensure your timing and that you have the morning of your dreams.

Our wedding morning timing is ususally booked in at the time of booking and can be found on your invoice. Any changes to this need to be confirmed at the time of booking and any time we have to make extensive changes we may have to apply the above mentioned cost for administration time. This is required only if multiple changes are made at a later date and we are required to act in a wedding planner roll.

This will also require payment of 50% payment of your invoice and is non refudnable or transferrable.

Wedding day schedule


Please remember that once hair is finished then your stylist is finished. If you wish for your stylist to wait after completing hair styles it is an extra cost and can be quoted to you if you wish on booking. We do take bookings after weddings so can not guarantee we are able to stay back if requested on the day.

We will provide you with a hair start time and approximate finish time to allow for make-up completion, lunch and photos with minimal stress. ALL guests must be present at the allocated start time due to working with different hair types and working to timing with your make-up artist. You can request a different start time for flower girls but it MUST be arranged at booking.

Timing for the day is allocated at booking time and can be found on your invoice. You will also recieve a calendar invite from our booking system.

Timing is set to ensure that all vendors are not rushing and are at their best as well as you feeling relaxed. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your organised start time a fee will incur for every half hour the stylist is waiting. Fees also apply if stylist is required to wait past completion time.

We discuss timing at your trial and we will confirm all details again the  week prior to your special day. Our start times are between 7am and 9am. If you are requesting a start time outside these hours it must be requested on booking.

We will complete all hairstyles and suggest the bride is approximately second last for hair.

Please note on a wedding day we do not do touch ups for people that have done their own hair. We do not provide product or loan tools for people that have done their own hair . We can provide a service for another person at the cost outlined in our pricelist and is to be paid on the day. This is only possible if enough time remaining for the party and our other appointments. 

We can not use tools that belong to someone else due to workplace health and safety.



Veil and Touch ups

We will put your veil in or show your bridesmaids how to put in for you. We will also show your bridesmaids how to remove on the day. If you require us to stay back later to put in your veil or for touch ups that is an extra cost and must be booked at time of booking to secure just like a normal appointment.

We do have some great techniques to ensure your veil is supported off the ground while you are finishing getting ready.

Your stylist will give you instructions on how to assist in your hair lasting from day to night. If instructions are not followed we can not ensure longevity of your hair. We may not have time to redo hair if it doesn't hold in this case. It may also be at an extra cost. This includes going outside too much especially during windy, rainy or humid weather, touching the hair with hands as oil will effect hair and steaming clothing once hair is done.

Honorary Bridesmaid Service

If you would like us to stay past our completion time (1.5-2 hours prior to ceremony time or when all styles and touch ups are complete) and until you are dressed this must be requested at the time of booking to book your time and a cost is involved. We ensure all vendors have ample time with you so if we are to stay it is during a period we are not performing services. We can assist with behind the scenes during this period if you wish to book this as an added service.

If you have not booked this service once the stylist is complete then they will leave. Our pricing is based on how many people and what services are booked and paid for and we are not booked for an entire day. Timing is set at the time of booking and on your invoice.

Cost of this service is quoted on enquiry.

House Keeping

All clothes steaming must be done prior so to ensure hair is not affected by the steam.

All people having hair done must shower (if they are wanting a shower) prior to our arrival to ensure hair is not affected and to ensure our timing for the day.

If you particularly want photos of hair being done please let us know prior to the day so we can provide a time for the photographer. If we have to stay back for extended periods after completion their may be an extra cost and suggest booking the Honorary Bridemaid Service. We do not wait for photographers unless bridesmaid service is booked.

Please ensure that there is someone to let us into the venue and that areas are clear for us to set up. This includes any bedding packed away and tables cleared prior to our arrival. This will ensure we adhere to our timing.

Please also ensure you have read our health policies around illness. Please notify us of any person having hair done is ill. We may refuse service for the safety of our team members and future brides.

Cancellation and Postponement

Deposits are non refundable, transferable to someone else or transferable to other services.

You can ask to transfer your wedding date and is subject to our availability and at the discretion of The Hair Artist Collective. Restrictions on day of the week may apply and further costs may apply to secure a second date. A minimum of 6 weeks notice must be provided to apply for any fee waivers.

You may not have the same stylist but we will ensure you are taken care of.

If we can not fulfill the booking due to a government restriction we will consider a partial refund and is at the discretion of The Hair Artist Collective and government guidelines according to COVID.

If you are to postpone, you may incur extra costs due to the following;

  • changes to number of people

  • changes to location

  • changes to day (ie. public holiday or Sunday)

  • time changes outside our policy

  • cancellation of a second stylist if numbers change

If you are to cancel your wedding your deposit is non refundable.  

If we have less than 6 weeks notice for a cancellation or postponement all payments are non refundable and payment of any outstanding funds may apply.

If two stylists are booked and your numbers change fees may also apply.

If you cancel two stylists deposit fees apply to both stylists.

Saturday and Sunday Cancellations and postponements require 10 weeks notice to apply for any fee waiver.

All fee waivers and increased fees are at are the discretion of The Hair Artist Collective.

Refusal of service

We have the right to refuse service for the following reasons;

  • unsafe or unhygienic working conditions

  • intoxicated persons

  • contagious conditions that are against Infection Control legislation

  • mistreatment of staff

  • lateness

  • uncontrolled animals

  • breach of terms and conditions

  • people having hair done at not present at the required time

  • during COVID pandemic if anyone shows signs of illness including cold and flu (please see our COVID policy)

  • in accordance with Queensland health regulations


If we are to refuse service payment is non refundable.


COVID policy

Please ensure you have read all our conditions of service prior to your booking. This will ensure our safety and the safety of others and our industry.

 Please ensure that you adhere to your time schedule provided. We need to allocate extra time for cleaning so you can imagine that we require all guests on site and available on our request immediately.

  • Please provide us with all your guests full name, address and mobile phone number. Please follow further instructions to complete COVID health forms the week prior to your event for each member having hair and make-up.

  • All people present are required to check in using the Check in Queensland QR code for The Hair Artist Collective.

  • Due to COVID we may refuse service to anyone with cold or flu symptoms for everyone’s safety. These people are not to be present whilst we are performing services. This is for our safety and that of our families, future brides and clients. We are in close contact with many people and are following all safety protocol to avoid disruption to others and avoid outbreaks in our community. Please read our full terms and conditions.

  • If we are given 24 hours notice of a sick person no longer requiring hair we will refund you for their hair as long as it is still above the three required people for travel as per our terms and conditions.

  • Deposits are non refundable as per previous terms and conditions. You can transfer your wedding to any future date if you have to postpone due to Covid lockdowns and the bride or groom are unable to reach the ceremony destination. Sunday’s and public holidays will incur an extra charge if different from your quote/ invoice.

  • All refunds, postponements and cancellations due to Covid are at the discretion of The Hair Artist collective and are considered in light of current circumstances. The business will not take on any costs or losses due to unnecessary changes. Please be aware of all restrictions and keep up to date with all regulations from Queensland Health.

  • Prior to your service please ensure your hands are washed with soap and water.

  • Please ensure your hair and skin is clean and washed according to our terms and conditions.

  • While hair and make-up teams are in attendance, we require only people that are having hair and make-up are on site and present with us.

  • You may be required to have your temperature checked by us using non contact methods.

  • You and your guests may be required to present your Covid vaccination record due to government requirements which are terms set by Queensland Health.

  • If any person does not abide by regulations set by the government in regards to COVID your entire party may be refused service at your expense.

  • The Hair Artist collective will not provide refunds due to cancellations of a booking due to peoples vaccination status. Postponements may incur extra fees to secure another date.


NB. This Covid policy is subject to change at anytime to adhere to government restrictions and guidelines. This is to also to ensure there is unnecessary no costs or loss of income to The Hair Artist Collective.


  • If there is a situation out of the control of either party such as (but not limited to) a natural disaster, fire or flood partial refunds may apply.

  • Children and pets are not to be near any hairdressing kits or equipment which include our set up area due to cords and heat tools and the safety of the child/ animal and stylist as well as hygiene. Any children present are to be monitored by an adult at all times and are present at their own risk. Any damage to equipment will be at the cost of the bride and invoiced accordingly.

  • Failure to adhere to terms and conditions may incur extra costs to the bride and will be invoiced accordingly or there may be refusal of service.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change. By engaging our services your are obligated to take note of changes and date of effect noted. Please ensure you keep an updated copy of your current Terms and conditions on booking.

We do pride ourselves on our attention to detail with timing and have experience in creating the perfect timing for the morning so please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Please ensure you read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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