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How to prepare for your wedding hair trial

Updated: May 25, 2023

We recommend having a trial for your wedding hair as there are many factors that can contribute to the design and longevity of a hair style. This includes;

  • hair texture

  • hair density

  • hair type

  • style of your dress

  • time of year

  • weather

Trials are a way to try a style you are unsure of and often people may have a total change of style after to seeing something and feeling the style doesn't suit their face or hair type. Adjustments and second trials can then be made and you then your mind is put at ease. Especially if you are unsure on what you want. We can be very visual people and seeing things make all the difference.

Some people know straight away and don't feel they need a trial and that is ok too. Another reason a trial is beneficial is the fact that the more changes are made the fluffier the hair can get so to avoid too many changes on a wedding day is best. A trial you can change things as much as you need and we can make notes of other changes for the day after you go away and see how it feels.

Hair Preparation for you trial or wedding day

On your wedding day or prior to your trial please ensure everyone's hair is prepared correctly to ensure the best hold to your styles. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please make sure all people having hair done have a copy of this information;

  • All long to medium hair lengths having up or down styles have their hair washed the day or night before (shampoo hair twice then condition)

  • All guests have hair FULLY dry prior to the morning (unless short hair blow dry)

  • Anyone with wavy or curly hair to blow dry straight or extremely curly hair (looking for smoother styles).

  • They may also roughly iron straight as well if they wash and dry their hair

The above is from our terms and conditions . Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions prior to booking and make sure all guests having hair done know how to prepare their hair as well.

If hair is not prepared according to the terms and conditions extra charges may apply and be invoiced.

We have created a Wedding hair plan to help you plan out every step of your wedding hair experience. This discusses hair products, colour and when to look at booking in things.

When considering a hair style we help you look at ideas such as dress style and face shape to design a style that suits your features and style of your wedding.

When having a trial we talk all about your finer details to ensure timing on your wedding day.

We will always recommend having inspiration of your wedding hair and looking at things you like and don't like. This will help us design a style around what you like.

Be aware that your hair will not always look like a picture due to hair texture. For example we use many methods to ensure the best hold for any down style but if it is windy, rainy or humid hair can drop quicker. This is the same for your bridesmaids. Ensure you ask your bridesmaids how their hair holds curl for any down style.

These are many things that we can talk about at your trial.

It is a good idea to have a makeup trial the same day as hair but it is not necessary and sometimes hard to coordinate both hair and makeup artist on the same day. Don't panic if this happens as we will always work with you makeup artist to ensure the best results on the day.

We are about setting realistic expectations for your hair but also giving options such as hair padding or clip in extensions to create your dream hair. We do have many tricks we can use but will always be honest on what is possible to create and what will last you all night and onto the dance floor!

wedding hair trial checklist
Download PDF • 155KB


Image by @by_grace_images

for styled shoot at @gabbinbarhomestead

Hair by @sarahcourtneyhairartist @thehairartistcollective

makeup by @mirrormirrormakeupartistry

dress @ella_moda



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