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Let’s talk veils!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What you need to know before purchasing your veil or hair piece!

Want to know how to choose a veil?

We can help!

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There are some things to consider and realise when choosing your veil;

  1. Single tier or double tier?

Both are beautiful but consider your hair type. The longer and heavier your veil is the harder it is for your natural hair to hold it. If you have fine hair I would suggest not choosing a cathedral (long length) double tier veil. it is not just about the look but the practicality. A double tier often covers hair more compared to a single tier veil. You can use padding to help support but it is not always doable. This is why we suggest talking with your stylist first.

2. Comb

You need to consider the type of comb your veil is attached to and your style type. Not all combs hold well in every hair type. Your metal look combs are easier to secure with pins without collapsing your entire hair style. Talk with your styles about the best comb for your hair sty and style to ensure it is secure And will work in your hair!

3. Hair accessories

You need to consider the type of hair accessories you would like and how it will attach with your veil. If you have fine hair and a veil with plastic comb and a hair piece you can imagine the weight on your hair and the difficulty in creating a long lasting style that is secure. This can also be the case with thick hair and securing hair piece and veil with two plastic combs in the same position is bulky and can work against each other and not be as secure.

4. Over or under a bun?

This is a huge subject. It is all dependant on the veil and comb type you select! I will be creating a video about this subject and more COMING SOON!

5. Attaching and securing the veil

It is not just about two pins and that is it!!! If ANYONE tells you otherwise you tell them “ I need to consult with my qualified hairdresser so they can inform me of my options!”. More to come in our videos but not all combs allow for pinning, not all hair types like heavy pinning, consider hair type and veil type as well as the location of your wedding.


If you have seen a veil flying off a brides head it is sometimes because they haven’t considered all the above and consulted with their stylist on the best veil and comb for their hair and location! We can use hidden braids with no pins and we can sew a veil into your hair using thread but we need to discuss these things with you prior whether with an over the phone consultation, email or at a trial to keep you well prepared and informed. This is part of our service. We can help you as we have had many years experience specialising in wedding hair and veils.

If you follow our easy guidelines we can assist in avoiding runaway veils.

A veil is a commitment but we are qualified (and by qualified I mean trained for 4 years to become a hairdresser and received a formal qualification) and specialise in weddings and can guide you through your wedding day hair and what is involved!


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