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Looking after the health and well being of our brides and our team

After such a crazy few years you can imagine the whirl wind of weddings our team have playing catch up from COVID-19 lockdowns with weddings cancelled, weddings postponed and weddings only now booking after waiting years.

During COVID-19 lock downs we had many crazy expereinces and one of them being how to handle the health and well being of our brides and our team. We take hygience andCOVID-19 seriously but the biggest impact on our side is if a couple an not get married du to illness OR we get sick and can not attend last minute.

To combat his we have previously had each member of the bridal party complete a health survey to know what regulations we had to adhere to but also the ever changing Queensand health policies. We added a few details to ensure we could also protect ouselves and our ability to work and atten other weddings and not to share our germs with other bridal parties.

As we don't have restrictions currently upon us we are asking;

  • that anyone who has cold and flu/ COVID-19 symptoms to not have their hair done and not to be present at time of hair

  • if you have recently had COVID-19 or been in close contact with somoene who has, wear a mask whilst having hair done and in close proximity to stylists

  • do not have extra people in venue's/ location if a small space

  • do not have anyone else present at the location we travel to who has cold and flu/ COVID-19 symptons

  • adhere to all current health regulations and recomendations in relation to social distancing and wearing masks if required

If these rules are not adhered to we may refuse serice at your expence. If you notify us of any illness you can apply for a refund for that person or replace them.Please read our terms and conditions.

WHY DO WE ASK THIS..........?

This is so we can ensure that we can be at the next brides day. Could you imagine getting a phone call the night before with your hairdressing saying they have COVID-19 and can not attend? We don't want that for anyone and we surely do not want to be on the news for not adhereing to government health guidlines by turning up.

If we were to fall ill we would do everything in our power to replace us but due to the high volumes of weddings in Toowoomba the people we recommend are often booked out too.

We thank you for your understanding in the importance of keeping our brides and stylists healthy!

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