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Talking hair care and pre wedding preparation

A little while back I had the privilege of taking over Gabbinbar Homestead's Instagram live to talk all things hair care and wedding hair preparation. I had lots of great questions and discussed a little bit of the science behind what professional hair care does!

1. The Why of professional hair care

The ingredients in professional hair care are a higher quality to give hair greater shine with higher concentrations of ingredients such as moisture and protein and usually have less water content so not diluted down.

The cuticle is the outside layer of the hair and is like fish scales. Things like shampoo and hair colour swell open these fish scales to change the colour inside the hair or to clean the hair. Conditioner, leave in conditioners and treatments close the cuticle.

The pH (measure of how acidic or alkaline) of hair is 4.5 to 5.5. Good quality products are designed to assist the hair in returning to this pH range to therefor have a smooth closer cuticle.

2. The What of professional hair care

We need to have a regime of products to ensure healthy hair and scalp.

  1. shampoo,

  2. conditioner,

  3. leave in moisturiser,

  4. heat protectant (for anyone blow drying or straightening or curling)

  5. treatment

You can also add styling products onto this to give more hold to a hair style as well.

Quality salon products will have less water content and a higher content of nourishing ingredients. It will also have less harsh cleansing agents that can dry your scalp and hair. You also need to be aware of insoluble silicones in some brands that if used for long periods of time can cause hair to break off or colour to react in strange ways or not even take to the hair.

3. The How of professional hair care

Strengthen using protein or keratin (same as your nails)

We also loose protein and moisture from the hair when the cuticle is open for too long and loose shine.

We need to replace the protein (keratin) and the moisture to strengthen hair and smooth cuticle. Protein and moisture loss is physical (sun, wind, blow drying and straightening) or chemical (colouring, lightening, perming). These things also open the cuticle.

Process on correct care for the hair:

  • 2 shampoos (first shampoo removes the out layer of oil and dirt and second shampoo will swell the hair open to cleanse the inside)

  • conditioner, treatment replaces conditioner once a week, (conditioner will close the hair back down after swelling with shampoo and a treatment will provide more moisture and strength as well as close the outer layer)

  • moisturiser after every wash. Moisture will close cuticle and give shine

  • Blow drying and straightening will harm strength and moisture. Ensure to use a heat protectant to protect hair from heat styling.

4. Getting reading for your wedding day hair

There is no quick fix to getting shiny hair and being perfect for your perfect day. You must plan out your process to ensure your hair colour and hair care get you there.

Download your free guide to your wedding day hair from 12 months prior to your wedding.

Ensure you contact us to book you in salon consultation if you want assistance with what is the best product for you.

Wedding hair plan (2)
Download PDF • 3.76MB

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