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What to consider when choosing waves as your wedding day hair.

Glamour waves, Hollywood waves, Vintage waves. The name often changes but the style is ultimately the same.

This look is classic ad stunning and when people ask for this style it often starts with " I want something simple like Hollywood waves". This style probably takes the longest out of any down or upstyle to do.

The reasons being;

  • there is a lot of prep work to ensure hold

  • the use of god quality clips in extensions is required for 95% of people to ensure hold and fullness to create that wave pattern

  • if your hair does not hold curl well it is not recommended with out clip ins

  • if you touch your hair a lot then the wave will separate back into curls

The process to create Hollywood waves is by crating tight curls to then comb out into waves later. This gives the bounce and curl needed to create this look. Thick hair types don't always require clip ins but in some cases still recommended.

Keep in mind if you do require clip ins we recommend Zala Hair Extensions. They offer an online colour matching service and makes it easy when you are not always in the same town as your bridal stylist to be colour matching and purchasing. You can use our discount code SARAHHAIRZALA to receive $20 off your purchase.

If weather is humid, you perspire a lot, windy weather or raining I always suggest a back up upstyle so not to be disappointed in the event weather changes your plans. A version of a ponytail is often a great option as still some down but the main section of hair is secured.

We do also consider these factors when creating the hair style and always recommend a trial for this hair style. This gives us a guide on how much your hair will drop and other techniques we an use to create better hold.

We will always prepare our brides and clients for the worst case scenario so you can make an educated decision on any hair style. We assess hair type, length, hair density and face shape when selecting the perfect style for you and giving advice based on this.

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