Wedding day timing with The Hair Artist Collective

We take many things into play when organising a start time for your wedding.

We consider;

  • Hair style

  • Hair type

  • Weather and time of year

  • Skin and skin type

  • Location

  • Number of people

  • Travel

There are many variables in a wedding day including unplanned interruptions, unfavourable weather conditions and more. Here are just a few scenarios;

  • Humidity, rain and wind can effect hair lasting so we look at order of people the morning of the wedding

  • If someone has oily skin they may potentially be later in the list so we work with your make up artist around this

  • We consider travel time to a venue

  • We are considering photographers and videographer and making sure we are close to complete prior to their arrival so we are not rushed and neither are they. There is nothing worse then all your vendors wanting a piece of you At the same time.

  • We allow time for unplanned interruptions like a surprise visit form a relative or time to check flowers or decorations or longer then expected hair or make-up changes. We factor in time so you don’t run late

We have our terms and conditions to outline what we require from our bridal parties to ensure your day runs smoothly. We have had many years experience and many stories to tell. This is why our list of terms is extensive and ever changing so to make sure we take care of you and you get the result you want with less stress.

We often plan to be finished 1.5 - 2 hours prior to your ceremony to allow time for unexpected interruptions, food and photos. We would prefer you have time to relax than feel rushed.

We use many techniques to assist in giving the best hold to any style and can discuss any other options with you at your time of booking.

We give you a start and approximate finish time. The in between is worked out in the day collaborating with your make up artist to adhere to our schedule. We ask all people are present so we can determine the best outcomes for you.

We often do the bride second or third last so that when it is time for more wedding vendors to arrive that your service has limited interruptions and the focus is on you. Again this is all dependant on people’s hair types and desired styles but that is our speciality.

We suggest getting any of your finer details ready and allocating one of your bridesmaids to assist your photographer and/or videographer so you can relax and enjoy your hair and make up experience. You can also allocate another bridesmaid the job of tidying the area where you are having photos.

When organising your timeline talk with us first so we can answer any of your questions. Each bridal party will be different as each head of hair is different. We are the first people you see in the day so we have Many questions that determine our schedule so we will talk you through every step of the morning with us.

In my 15 plus years doing bridal hair I have not had a single person late! Myself and my team pride ourselves on our service and experience and being aware of how we start the day for you and the other wedding vendors. Timing is everything and we have you covered!!!!

Don’t forget to read our Terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.

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