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What is a Bridezilla ?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

This is such a common questions and I am here to answer it! What is a Bridezilla you say?

A Bridezilla is labelled according to Google is

Let me make a very clear point to every bride out there..... asking for what you want does not make you a bridezilla. I feel this term is over used so much and I see so often that a bride that knows what she wants, askes for it and has an expectation she gets what she asks for is then labelled a bridezilla if she calls people out on their behaviour.

We are here to make your job easy!

What we do;

  • set expectations with our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions

  • talk about hairstyle options with our brides

  • discuss options for hair types and set expectations for a bride at a trial for the perfect bridal hairstyle

  • help to run a stress free wedding morning including assisting with difficult guests

  • assist in communication with wedding vendors

I often talk with brides about the stress they deal with and the most common situation is often people who are married forget how stressful it is to get married so sometimes need a gentle hint to remind them a wedding day is one of many important days in your life but at this point the most important for that bride. Let them have their moment.

It can also come down to family issues and many other things but we are here to listen and often gauge a wedding morning and even our timing. We consider people visiting or people who are more stressed than others or when children are around. There are many emotions and our job is not just about bridal hair but about logistics to ensure the timing on your wedding morning with hair and makeup.

Don't ever label yourself a bridezilla for asking for what you want on your wedding day and having an expectation that you get what you pay for from your service providers. As long as they are clear, concise and informative prior to your wedding day you will be stress free. Choosing your vendors that can help with giving you all the scenarios and are honest whilst doing so, will help you be stress free and relaxed on your wedding morning.


styled shoot at @rosaliehouse

photo by @fleurandmaephotography

hair by @sarahcourtneyhairartist @thehairartistcollective

makeup by @mirrormirrormakeupartistry

dress @luxebridallounge




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