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What to know about hair extensions?

The Hair Artist Collective recommnd hair extensions for most full glamour wave looks but there are many options for using hair extensions.

When creating beautiful down hairstyles or half up and half down styles we consider a few things;

  • the hairs natural density (how many hairs on the head)

  • the hair texture (how thick each hairstrand is)

  • does the hair hold curl

  • the weather

  • the location and changing weather conditions at each location

It is not just about just doing a hair style but so much more so you get the most out of your hair and look great all day and night long.

Down hairstyles or Half up/ Half down hairstyles

We recommend hair extensions be used in most down or half up/ half down styles.

The reasons being;

  • there is a lot of prep work to ensure hold for most natrual hair types

  • the use of good quality clips in extensions is required for 95% of people to ensure hold and fullness to create that wave pattern

  • if your hair does not hold curl well it is not recommended with out clip ins

  • if you touch your hair a lot then the wave will separate back into curls

The process to create Hollywood waves is by creating tight curls to then comb out into waves later. This gives the bounce and curl needed to create this look. Thick hair types don't always require clip ins but in some cases still recommended.

Keep in mind if you do require clip ins we recommend

They offer an online colour matching service and makes it easy when you are not always in the same town as your bridal stylist to be colour matching and purchasing. You can use our discount code SARAHHAIRZALA to receive

$20 off your purchase.

If weather is humid, you perspire a lot, windy weather or raining I always suggest a back up upstyle so not to be disappointed in the event weather changes your plans. A version of a ponytail is often a great option as still some down but the main section of hair is secured.

We do also consider these factors when creating the hair style and always recommend a trial for any down hair style. This gives us a guide on how much your hair will drop and other techniques we an use to create better hold.

Down hair is not just a "Simple" hair style as we get told so often. It actally takes longer to prepare the hair and give he hair style longevity than it does to do an entrie upstyle.

We will always prepare our brides and clients for the worst case scenario so you can make an educated decision on any hair style. We assess hair type, length, hair density and face shape when selecting the perfect style for you and giving advice based on this.


Most people assume that hair extensions are only for down styles but that is not the case.

We can utilise hair extenisons for;

  • full fashion ponytails

  • low soft ponytails for volume and soft wave

  • high textured buns

  • low knotted buns

If you are someone with fine hair worried about volume in general we give alot of advice at your trial so please ensure you book your trial at the time of booking your wedding day. If hair extensions are not required we do also offer a hair padding option for fullness for some upstyles as that may be a better choice for some peoples hair.

How to prepare extensions

Prior to your hair trial please wash your extensions and dry them. This ensures that the shiny residue is removed and you get a longer lasting curl and a more blended result with our natrual hair.

Do not use a shampoo with protein (strengthening shampoo) as this is not good for extensions. Most extensions will have a shampoo they recommend but a basic salon quality moisture shampoo will cleanse the extesnions with out damaging them.

Prepare them using the following method;

  1. wet extensions with out wetting the clips

  2. shampoo by running the shampoo through from top (below the clips) to the ends. repeat this motion and do not mush all the hair together as it tangles

  3. Rinse with cool water as hot water can make the hair fluffier

  4. Repeat shampoo and rinsing process

  5. Condion using same motion to not tangle the hair

  6. Rinse with cool water

  7. dry with a towel by squeezing and not rubbing to avoid damaging the hair

  8. let to dry naturally by laying flat on a towel

  9. you can blow dry by pointing the knozzle from the top of the extensions to the end to ensure it stays smooth

The best way to know if you need extensions is to book a trial and we can offer recommendations for you. Many insiration shots are of people with hair extensions.

If you would likemore information on if you require hair extensions for your hair pleaase email us with'

  • a photo of your natual hair out (back view)

  • your hair inspo photos

  • photo of your dress

We can then provide you with some advice and book in a trial for you!!!

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