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Where to part your hair on your wedding day

It is an important question that often brides do not think of until a trial. Don't panic though we can chat and work things out. I have a few suggestions for you!

Centre Part

A Centre part is becoming a popular choice as currently majority of people are either changing parts often or are centre parts. Great for any symetrical hairstyles with a smoother front.

If you don't wear your part in the centre don't change for your wedding day.

Left side part (part of the left)

Usually when a bride stands at the top of the aisle this is the side that everyone will see. Your part is on the left and hair swept over to the right. This means the majority of your hair is visible.

If you want to have your waves or braid visible to your guests and in photos this is the ideal option for you or your bridesmaids.

Right Side Part (part on the right)

If you would like your face to be more open and visible then parting on the right will have less hair on your face when at the top of the aisle (bride on the left side)

Great for any sleek sides to be able to see contrast and any hair pieces.

No definite part

You can have hair going back from your face and still have face framing pieces OR go straight back.

This parting creates more height and the illusion of a longer, more slender face.

I hope this gives more of an idea to picking a part that will suit your style and faceshape. Having a part that suits you and works with any face framing pieces is importat for you to feel and look your best. This is how we make decisions and how we can recommend options for you.

Face framing will give any softess to your face so you do not feel exposed i you are conscious abou your face shape especially for those with finer hairlines. Also keep in mind that not all your bridal party has to be identical. I always feel it is best the bridemaids to adjust their parts and face framing to what they are comfortable with so they feel their best on the day as well and their focus is on the bride not their hair.

We design a style to suit you, your face shape, hair type and yor dress!!!!!

We always suggest a trial fora bride so you can see everything in person and know that it is the style for you!!!

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