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Planning a wedding and what to expect

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Not sure where to start when planning a wedding? We get to talk to a lot of people and have seen a few things when it comes to wedding planning.

As a hairdresser that has specialised in bridal hair for over 15 years I have seen a lot and talked to many brides about their experience. I myself have been a bride as well as a bridesmaid 5 times.

So let's talk wedding services and vendors and what you need to think of when choosing the perfect people to be part of your special day!!!!

I don't pretend to be an expert in all wedding related fields so please make sure you talk to each vendor in their specialist field.


The first thing to look at is your venue. Consider things like if you venue has a planner or someone to assist you make your day easier. Look at your inclusions but also how the people at the venue make you feel. Make sure you look at photos from the venue and if the pictures at the venue are what you are looking for. You need to ensure there is great food and looking at reviews. There are many Facebook groups so you can talk with other brides. Book a tasting if your venue does it and try different dishes as there are so many options. In my opinion if they have people at the venue that make you feel comfortable and assist with coordination (not necessarily planning) it will make you feel less stressed on your day. The vibe of the people will help make your decision.


Check out celebrant reviews and read your celebrants web site. I always feel that they set the tone for your ceremony and you want to feel at ease and you want your guests to feel relaxed and welcome. For your guests it is the first part of your day even though you have already been going with hair and make-up for hours!!!!! Look at what they do for you and their organisational skills as this means things will be done early and therefor less stress.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping can be difficult for some people for many reasons. Whether you are undecided on the type of dress or timing or ordering the list goes on. Try not to worry but enjoy the time and the biggest piece of advice I can give and hear all the time is try something on that you would not expect. I myself tried a dress that was not what I planned and that is what I purchased! I have lost track of how many times I have heard this from my brides!

Another piece of advice is don't just research dresses or designers but someone who can alter your dress that you trust.

The main thing with any bridal shop these days is you need to be aware if you need bookings as most are no longer walk ins. Allow time to enjoy your time and not be rushed. Take notes but realise some will not allow photos to be taken due to people having dresses made over seas and copying design. You also need to be aware that time frames for dresses to arrive in store after you order with them can vary so check as some places an be anywhere from 6-10 months plus extra for alterations.

Groom's suits

Some grooms want to have a say and some don't. I always suggest having a conversation early and decide and this is a job you can star to delegate if your groom is excited about this part! Always keep an open line of communication to discuss colours especially around bridesmaid dresses and choices to coordinate. Again make sure you have also sourced someone who can alter any suits that is reliable or even if included where you purchase or hire.

Bridesmaids dresses

There are not set rules on bridesmaid dresses and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you decide to keep with tradition or not that is your choice. You can match, don't match or have same colour different styles. It is a big decision. The thing I would consider is how your bridesmaids feel and if they have similar body shapes. You want them to feel comfortable and beautiful too. Same goes for hairstyles! We can help design a style for each persons hair type as well as the dress they are wearing.

Wedding photography

Photography is all about style and is so important to look at the work of any photographer you choose. I then always suggest meeting or talking with them prior to booking. They (like your hairstylist and make-up artist) spend a lot of close personal time with you and can really set a tone for your day. Especially if you feel awkward in front of a camera. It is not just about photos but obviously it is a big part.

Wedding videography

Not everyone has a videographer but it is a beautiful added touch. In my experience on a wedding day it does make a big difference to timing if photographer and videographer have worked together before as they are considerate of the other. Obviously any professional can make it work but the ease of people who can speak without speaking is totally worth it! Just like your hair and make-up team!


Flowers set a tone for the style of a wedding. Again be sure to be looking at photos of the work of your florist and be guided by their experience and expertise. Not all flowers you may like will be in season so listen to your florist on the type and style you can get for that time of year. You also need to consider what is included in your package as set up and moving costs may not always be included so make sure you ask.

Wedding hair

We make sure we have lots of information for you to read to put your mind at ease. Many hairdressers will have their specialty and with our wealth of knowledge and experience on running a wedding morning we like to share this knowledge with our clients.

We always say you need to look at the styles a hairdresser creates to see if that is the style for you. It is also important to ask questions and take advice on your hair leading up to the big day.

We have a downloadable wedding hair plan in our Frequently asked questions section to help! Again it is so important to feel comfortable and we are all about making sure a bride feels special and

stress free. We always say think of us as your honorary bridesmaid doing extra things in the back ground to keep your mind at ease.

We DO NOT recommend your hair be last for the day! This is because you want to be ready when you photographer and videographer come so you do not feel stressed.

A hair trial is great for a bride to have. A lot of people can be very visual and the best way to see if you like a style on you personally is to have it done. We take photos at trials to refer to and recommend video especially if a little way out from wedding. You can also download our wedding hair trial checklist.

Wedding Makeup

It isn't always important but often helpful if your hair and makeup artist have worked together before and often helps your day run smoothly. We will work with anyone but have a great list of people we recommend that has the brides best interest at heart and their main goal is to work as a team with the hairdresser to ensure this. Make sure you look at the style of your make-up artst and if their style suits you and if unsure ask!

Keep in mind a trial for hair and make-up is great and we can help coordinate. Sometimes the planets don't align to have on the same day and that is ok too!

Wedding Jewellery and accessories

There are so many options for accessories including

  • veil

  • hair piece

  • flowers

  • earrings

  • necklace

  • bracelets

The list goes on. I always suggest your dress first, hair inspiration photos collected, maybe even you hair trial and then consider accessories. Sometimes timing does not always work to wait but many things such as clips, attachments, stye suggestions and functionality can play a part in some pieces not working if done before hair. We just ask to be open to options. If you do happen to have a lot of your accessories prior to your hair trial then bring them along.


Cake is a hard one for me as I am not a baker and find cake making so amazing! The thing I like the most is when you can book a tasting or order a tasting box! This is so great as how would you know what to pick if you haven't seen or tasted their product! The only decision now is cake for dessert or both.... I say BOTH! Look at the reviews of your cake makers as there are a lot of rules around hygiene and kitchens for people selling cakes but an industry that is not necessarily regulated (just like hairdressing).


Invitations and save the dates are one of the first things that people will see that gives them a hint of the style of your wedding. Like a sneak peak! Take you time to pick you invite if you want the theme to continue onto your table décor. You have many options to consider in relation to paper type, printing and cost but ultimately setting a budget and theme can help get you started.

Table décor and hire elements

This is an every changing industry and some people like to DIY and some people like to do it themselves. Often you may have your florist who can assist with some elements so ask when doing your flowers. They also may have recommendations on who they regularly work with OR your venue may have some components or assistance as well.

So as you can see there are many things to consider when planning and I hope that my little bit of insight can help you in some way. This is just some things to consider and many other options like cars and photobooths and more. Talk with your already selected vendors and they may have recommendations for you!

Other ways to get more information to assist in wedding planning;

  1. Your venue will always have people they can recommend and they can support you as well with all they see

  2. I always think a Pinterest board is a great way to set some inspiration pictures and look to see if your vendors have Pinterest! WE DO!

  3. Instagram is always another great platform to view the work of your vendors!!! FOLLOW US!

  4. Look at Facebook and Google reviews!

Good luck and HAPPY PLANNING!!!!!!!

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