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What to wear for your wedding morning

We see so many beautiful brides on their wedding morning and it’s lovey to see the gorgeous pj sets and robes that are available.

The one concern we have when people are dressing for a wedding morning is how your outfit may affect your hair.

Here is a helpful list of things to consider when choosing your outfit;

  • DO NOT wear fluffy robes with high collars. Select a place to get ready that has appropriate heating to assist if you are cold. You are better to wear layers of lighter options like Cotten long pj’s and a cotton robe. Fluffy robes often have high collars and can rub on an upstyle and cause it to come out. They can also create a lot of fluffiness to any down style and cause curls to drop.


  • Choose an outfit or pj set that can be easily removed (eg button up) and not have to go over your head. This will ensure your hair and make up is protected

  • Be aware that some cheaper satin and other stretch fabrics can cause friction and fuzziness to down hairstyles

  • Be aware some cheaper satin sets can cause people to be hotter and perspire. This can cause curls to drop quicker. Make sure what you wear is approrpiate to the season and where you get ready has appropriate cooling or heating for longer lasting make up and hair

Other things to think of;

  • Make sure you have prepared your hair according to our terms and conditions

  • Ask your make-up artist how to prepare the skinfor the wedding morning

  • Slippers are a grea accessory for a wedding morning but think of what seson and we recommend something that has a hard bottom so bridemaids can be moving around to assist you easily

  • Arrive on site at your location early so that you can have all your dresses and accessories ut and ready to relax whilst havig hair done

  • Have all your garments steamed prior to hair and make up starting.

  • Read our confirmation blog for your helpful links and tips




Robes and pj’s

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