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Wedding Day Hair Confirmation

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

We have so much information for you to access on your wedding day but understand how overwhelming things can be so here is our information in a nutshell for the week prior to the wedding!

For those of you who are still only confirming your wedding hair trial this is great information for you to save and go over but you can also read

This is all the information you will need in one location for your wedding day to run smoothly.

Ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions

This is so you know what to expect on the wedding day. It is surprising how many people don't but this is so you know what is required on your wedding day morning and what we provide including "How to prepare your hair for your wedding day".

This is sent out on booking. This includes information on our finish time and that we do not stay back to put veils after our finish time unless this service is booked. Your start time is also booked at the time of booking and is located on your invoice.

To see our terms and conditions click HERE

How to Prepare the Hair for your wedding day hair

On your wedding day please ensure everyone's hair is prepared correctly to ensure the best hold to your styles. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please make sure all people having hair done have a copy of this information;

  • All long to medium hair lengths having up or down styles have their hair washed the day or night before (shampoo hair twice then condition)

  • All guests have hair FULLY dry prior to the morning (unless short hair blow dry)

  • Anyone with wavy or curly hair to blow dry straight or extremely curly hair (looking for smoother styles).

  • They may also roughly iron straight as well if they wash and dry their hair

If hair is not prepared according to the terms and conditions extra charges may apply and be invoiced.

Check our confirmation email

Please check the details on the confirmation email (sent to you by our team) are still correct and notify our team if anything needs adjusting. This could also adjust cost. Things such as hair length or a short hair down style now going up can change price. Your invoice must be paid prior to your wedding day so please ensure this is done also. Variations are communicated prior to any service if what has been told to us previously is not what the person requires.

Our confirmation also includes our requirement for ALL people having hair done to be present at the start time. This is in our terms and conditions and a requirement at booking. You would be surprised on the stories I could tell you around issues people have had with members not present and timing issues.

We do not recommend parties travelling to your location from a distance on the day of the wedding and will refuse service if our terms and conditions are not adhered to. This is to make your day run smoother and ensure the integrity of our business. People book our services because we run on time. If you have a question in relation to timing and guests not available at the allocated start time please contact us via phone.


As per our terms and conditions we will put any hair piece or veil in at our completion time. This is why we ask you to notify your photographer of our completion time in case you want photos. Often this is not always something that is photographed. Our start and finish times are set at booking as we do take appointments after wedding day services. If you would like us to stay back you can book the "Honorary Bridesmaid service" where we stay back until you walk down the aisle. This can be quoted on booking or if after booking, it is pending availability.

If you wish to put your veil in later I do give extensive instructions to your bridal party but you can also watch this video for reference.

Here is a video to assist people taking out your veil later. Again we also walk through with your bridal party this process as well on the day.

Setting up at your "Getting ready location".

Ensure on arrival that all personal items are put in an area that keeps the room clear for us to be able to easily set up and not damage anything. This includes keeping garments clear from our set up location to avoid our products and heat tools.

We will give guidance if you are unsure especially at locations we visit often so to make your morning stress free and relaxed.

Wet weather preparation

Ensure that you and your bridesmaids have wet weather alternatives if they are wanting down hair styles. If there is wind, rain, humidity or mist around then we can not guarantee a down style will last the long duration. We can offer many options to you on how we can help it last longer but depending on your hair type we do recommend having a back up upstyle idea just in case. This then avoids disappointment or stress trying to think of something else on the day.

Wedding day timing

This is a great blog that can help out with timing on the wedding day so you know what to expect. We give a start time and finish time and the in between is worked out on the day working with your make-up artist. There is no need for a schedule as it will often change depending on peoples hair types and required styles.

House keeping (as per our terms and conditions)

  • Please ensure that there is someone to let us into the venue and that areas are clear for us to set up. This includes any bedding packed away and tables cleared prior to our arrival. This will ensure we adhere to our timing.

  • Please make sure that steaming of ALL garments is done prior to our arrival. Having steam around and people steaming when hair has been done, can ruin your hair styles with increased moisture and humidity in the air. This can cause hair to drop or frizz.

  • Ensure all people having hair done have showered prior to our arrival if they wish to do so. Moisture and heat from showers can ruin hair as well as leave a hair or make-up artist waiting and disrupt timing for the day.

  • Children and pets are not to be near any hairdressing kits or equipment which include our set up area due to cords and heat tools and the safety of the child/ animal and stylist as well as hygiene. Any children present are to be monitored by an adult at all times and are present at their own risk. Any damage to equipment will be at the cost of the bride and invoiced accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions if here is something we have not answered.


Let us make sure you are relaxed and stress free on your wedding morning! We have had many years experience with wedding hair and pride ourselves on our attention to detail to ensure your feel calm and look great an enjoy your morning. If you are needing to contact us during the week prior to your wedding the best option is text message or phone call directly to your allocated stylist. This can be found in our email signatures.

If you don't have your stylists phone number please text Sarah on 0407122735.

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